Phase 3- Outpatient

This third phase of treatment includes group and individual therapy hours in a less intensive format and can be customized around a patient’s work schedule. Patients will be participating in life skills, budgeting, and vocational groups. During this phase, a job is required. Patients are expected to be on time to scheduled therapy hours and must continue to provide random urine drug screens and attend outside AA/NA meetings. Our goal during this phase to make a smooth transition back into society which could mean that the patient goes back home to their family’s house if it is a sober and supportive environment. Or it could mean getting their own apartment in town. Patients are expected to have obtained or arranged for follow-up housing. Patients who remain in our transitional housing will pay rent for the duration of their stay but, due to the limited resources of our transitional housing program, must actively plan and obtain follow-up housing. This final phase of treatment is for approximately 30 – 90 days following phase II. Patients are encouraged to maintain group and meeting attendance for as long as they want as part of our Alumni program.


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