Co-occuring disorder treatment
(Dual Diagnosis)

We understand that someone that is struggling with substance use disorder (drugs/alcohol) and mental illness (anxiety, ptsd, depression, OCD, Bi-polar, etc) requires a unique and caring approach. Oftentimes, these disorders will aggravate one another, making it impossible to treat just one or the other alone. Regardless of which predates the other, both the SUD and MH must be treated simultaneously to ensure lasting recovery.

At AR Drug Rehab, each client is assigned a Counselor and a Peer support specialist. They have 2 separate roles. The peer support specialist (are they in recovery also?) works with the client on the addiction aspect. They work closely with each of their clients to help acclimate to the day to day of living sober happy lives. This can include coping skills, relapse prevention, encouraging AA/NA involvement and accountability, and also assist in the life skills aspect.

Each counselor works with the client to help manage the mental health component. This includes both 1 on 1 and group sessions.

Each treatment plan is individualized for each client based on their needs and goals.

Speak with one of our admissions counselors at 479-397-4041 to find out what that treatment plan may look like for you or your loved one!

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