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    AR Drug Rehab offers a 30-day, highly structured, “Phase 1” option for newly sober clients. It is suggested that the client stays in one of our Sober Residences to ensure 24 hr accountability.

    This first phase consists of 6 hours per day, 6 days per week of intensive group and individual therapy including relapse prevention, trigger identification, motivational interviewing, positive affirmations, family dynamics of addiction, and discharge planning. Additionally medication assisted treatment is included as applicable. Patients will do random urine drug screens twice a week and are required to attend a minimum of 3 outside meetings (AA, NA etc.) per week evidenced by a signed meeting card (church services are included in the 3 meetings and do not require a signature). This phase is for approximately the first 30 days of treatment. If a patient does not have a safe and sober place to live during treatment, they can apply to be placed in our supervised short-term transitional group housing program at the cost of $125 per week. This cost can be waived for the first 60 days if the patient meets the program requirements. 


    Clients are able to overcome obstacles and barriers to progress in a caring and “No-judgement” setting among their peers and our clinicians.

    What We Can Offer You

     In addition to treating mental health, we believe alcohol and drug abuse/dependence is a chronic problem that cannot be treated with acute interventions alone.  Furthermore, recovery involves much more than simple abstinence.  True Self Recovery utilizes a systemic approach to address mental health issues, substance abuse issues, and the scope of substance related disorders.  We focus not only on the individual seeking help, but also on the environment in which they interact.  We firmly believe that with this kind of care, people do recover.

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